• Costs 

    Does $25.00 cover ALL taxes & fees?

    No. Taxes and fees are not included in this price.

    Monthly Business Rate Plan:

    Voice Plan
    • $25.00 for unlimited voice, text, and data
    • 5 GB of 5G/4G hotspot data, then unlimited 3G after that
    • Unlimited domestic data roaming
    • Unlimited international texting from the United States
    • Unlimited voice, text & data to and from Mexico & Canada with 5 GB of data
    • Scam Shield – advanced caller ID, scam reporting & more to protect privacy
    • Unlimited voice, text, & 2G data in 210+ countries


    Tablet Plan

    $25.00 unlimited tablet plan when added with a voice line

    • Taxes and fees not included
    • Unlimited data and messaging
    • 10 GB of 5G/4G hotspot data, then unlimited 3G after that
    • 200 MB domestic data roaming
    • Unlimited text & 2G data in 210+ countries
    • Unlimited international texting from the United States
    • Unlimited text & data to and from Mexico & Canada with 5 GB of data
    • As long as one voice line is on the account, every tablet plan on the account is $25.00; billing will show as a $65 charge with a $40 credit ($65 – $40 = $25). If there are zero voice lines on the account, every tablet plan is $65.00.


    What are the shipping charges?

    Charges are based on the credit check performed and the number of lines activated at the initial processing. Your T-Mobile representative will notify you in the DocuSign that will be provided.

    Does my phone come with insurance?

    Not at this time.

    Can I purchase a device on an installment plan?

    Those with satisfactory credit are eligible to enter an equipment installment plan (EIP) to finance new equipment over a 24-month period.

    Based on credit qualifications, a deposit may be required. A T-Mobile Account Manager may reach out for further assistance.


  • Eligibility 

    Who is Eligible?

    You must have both a valid truck number AND an EIN / federal tax ID to participate.

    I work for Landstar corporate, but I do not have an EIN / federal tax ID. Am I eligible?

    Unfortunately, not at this time. This may change in the future.

    What is the process around the credit check?

    A credit check is necessary because participation in this program means a new account is being created with T-Mobile. This new account is not affiliated with Landstar Corporate. Therefore, a credit check needs to occur for the Owner/Operator responsible for the new lines of service (and/or devices).

    Here’s how the credit check fits into the order process:

    1. Place an order in the portal with all relevant information
    2. Credit check is performed & T-Mobile account is created
    3. T-Mobile sends a DocuSign to be completed
    4. Customer completes DocuSign
    5. T-Mobile ships order

    What happens if there is an issue with my credit check?

    A T-Mobile representative will reach out to you with details of the issue, along with options to pursue to participate in this program.

    How long does this entire process take?

    This is a corporate plan instead of a consumer plan. There are additional credit checks and approval processes as a result. At the longest, from placing the order to using your device on the T-Mobile network, it would be approximately 7 business days.

    Can I walk into a T-Mobile store or call T-Mobile’s Customer Care to get this deal?

    No. This plan is only available by placing an order on this site.
    If you go into a store or call T-Mobile, they will not recognize this offer nor will be able to offer it.

    Can I bring more than one line over to this Landstar T-Mobile program?

    Yes! You can bring an unlimited number of lines over!

    I am already a T-Mobile / Sprint customer. Can I move my line to this program?

    Not at this time. Currently this is for new T-Mobile customers only, but this policy may change in the future.


  • Keeping Your Current Device 


Can I purchase I device from outside this catalog?

Yes! The device needs to be unlocked and compatible on the T-Mobile (GSM) network. Click this link ( and enter your device’s IMEI number to verify Compatibility (dial *#06# to get your phone’s IMEI).

How can I tell if my phone is compatible on the T-Mobile network?

    Go to this link & enter your phone’s IMEI: (dial *#06# to get your phone’s IMEI)

    Can I bring over an unlocked, compatible phone that I am still making payments on?

    Yes! However, when you move your phone to T-Mobile, you will accelerate those charges on the closing/last invoice of your account. We recommend you call your service provider to confirm the remaining payments before signing up for this plan.

    If my device is locked from my current carrier, how do I get it unlocked to bring it to the Landstar T-Mobile program?

    Each carrier has a different way to unlock a device. Please contact your current carrier’s customer service to discover how to unlock your specific device.

    • Keeping Your Current Number 

      Can I keep my phone number from another carrier and port it into T-Mobile?

      In almost all cases, yes. Go to this site to make sure your phone number is eligible to port over to T-Mobile. (it is rare, but a phone number may not be eligible to port if T-Mobile does not have coverage in the same area code as your current phone number)

      How do I port my phone number into T-Mobile?

      You have 2 options:

      1. Call T-Mobile Business Care at 1-877-789-3106, to initiate your port request
      2. Self-service Port in T-Mobile Account Hub

      • Each new line of service (Device and/or SIM) will come active with a temporary phone number. A Port will replace the temporary number with your current number from the other carrier.
        • Log in to Account Hub
        • Go to Manage Accounts
        • Select the temporary phone number to replace (port in)
          • Select “Transfer number”
          • Enter “Number to Transfer”
          • Date/Time (when would you like the port to start;
          • Today= asap; future date= x day at midnight)
          • Account Number of the other carrier
          • Password/PIN of the other carrier
      • Ports typically transfer within 10 minutes to an hour. Further delays are typically due to incorrect PIN/password, or account# errors.
      • To check on the status of a port, or provide updated account information customers should call the T-Mobile Porting Center: 1-877-789-3106

      What is a porting PIN? How is it different from my account PIN?

      A porting PIN is used by some carriers as an extra layer to ensure a device &/or a phone number is intending to leave its network. A porting PIN is ONLY used when a device &/or a phone number is moving to another carrier. A porting PIN is typically 6 or 8 digits and is only valid for a short period of time.

      This is different from your account PIN, which used almost exclusively when you interact with the carrier’s customer service department to prove you are who you say you are. Account PIN’s are typically 4 digits long and do not change unless you decide to change it.

      Does my carrier require a porting PIN? How do I get my porting PIN?

      As of this writing, AT&T & Verizon require porting PIN’s to leave. Check with your carrier to see if a porting PIN is required for you to move to T-Mobile.
      If required, you can generate your porting PIN by dialing #PORT (#7678) on the device you want to port to T-Mobile. Or you can contact that carrier’s customer service to have one be generated for you.

      Will my old service automatically turn off once I switch to the Landstar T-Mobile program?

      Every carrier is different and there are several variables to consider. A good rule is to wait until you have written confirmation that your phone number has been successfully ported to T-Mobile. If you cancel your current service before that happens, we may not be able to access your current phone number for porting.


    • Support 

      What is the return policy?

      T-Mobile will gladly assist you with your Returns. You can return or exchange a device or accessory (“Device”), or cancel an upgrade service activation, within 20 calendar days of the date your Device shipped. During this period, you may return or exchange your device, or cancel your upgrade service activation for any reason, as long as you:

      • Contact us at 1-866-985-1640 to cancel your new service activation; and request a Return Authorization for all returns and exchanges:
      • Return your Device using the prepaid shipping label that we emailed you.
        • You must return your Device in its original package with all original contents, undamaged and in good working condition with no material alterations to the Device’s hardware or software.
        • Accessories or other items received as part of a promotional offer (e.g., “Buy One Get One” etc.) must be returned for a refund or exchange.
        • Limited edition and some other Devices may not be refunded or exchanged.
        • Refunds and exchanges will be less any rebates, restocking fees and shipping costs.
        • If you do not return your Device or if you return your Device in a damaged or altered condition, we may take one or more of the following actions:
          • Prevent your Device from working
          • Elect not to process your service cancellation
          • Charge you the cost to repair a damaged or altered Device
          • Charge you the suggested retail price of a destroyed or altered Device, or, in the case of cancelled service, a non-returned Device, (which may be greater than the price you paid), plus any shipping and handling charges.
        • You are responsible for any charges incurred prior to service cancellation, including roaming, long distance, taxes, control charges, regulatory program fees and other fees.
      • You may also be required to pay a restocking fee based on the Full Retail Price (“FRP”) of the Device

      How do I swap a SIM card?

      I am bringing an unlocked, compatible phone to this plan. You have already shipped me the new Landstar T-Mobile SIM. What happens next?

    • The SIM already ships activated with your new phone number associated with it. In this scenario, you can insert your new T-Mobile SIM card and enjoy the great service. If you are porting your phone number from another carrier, then call T-Mobile Business Care at 877-347-2127 to begin porting your phone number. Since you have an active T- Mobile SIM, you can go ahead and insert it into your device to try out the T-Mobile network.

      I am going to be the administrator of my organization’s T-Mobile account. How do I begin that process?

      Micro/small business accounts that activate with a Tax ID, will be automatically onboarded through Account Hub for account management. Account Hub is an online self-service portal and account management tool where support transactions can be conducted online.

      Customers can self-register for Account Hub AFTER their service is activated.

      If there are any errors or issues with self-registration, customer can call Business Care: 1-800-375-1126

      Steps to Register for Account Hub, visit:

      • Click Sign Up for T-Mobile ID.
      • Select level of access: Admin
      • Enter First Name, Last Name, Email, and Tax-ID.
      • Admin is required to verify the PIN to the Account Number you want access to.
      • Sign up for T-Mobile ID, enter the First Name, Last Name and Email that you registered with and create a password.
      • Set up:
        • The security questions
        • Google Authenticator (if desired)

      Who do I contact if I have a problem while on this Landstar T-Mobile plan? Can I just walk into a T-Mobile store for help?

      Going into a T-Mobile store is unlikely to help. Instead, call 877-347-2127 for T-Mobile Business Care (or dial 611 from your phone if you are already enrolled in the Landstar T-Mobile plan).

      Do I have to do anything if I move to a different Landstar Owner/Operator?

      Yes. Contact T-Mobile so that we can move your line to the appropriate Landstar Owner/Operator. A “Change of Responsibility” (CoR) will need to be filled out by both the current and future Landstar offices to confirm the correct line is being moved to the correct account.

      Who do I contact if I have questions not covered by this FAQ?


    • Billing 

      Where do I check my bill and activity?

      T-Mobile Account Hub,  This link is only for the owner of the account. Individuals on the account will not be able to log in.

      How does billing and proration work?

      Bill Arrears billing is assigned to all Business account types. In bill arrears, customers are charged for service after use

      First bill expectations

      • A customer is assigned a bill cycle after activation.
      • The first bill may contain prorated charges if the account was not active for a full month.
      • The monthly amount/charge is not prorated and will apply in full.
      • Equipment tax is due on the first bill. Tax is calculated on the full cost of equipment, regardless of promotional discounts.
      • All usage, download and 3rd party charges incurred in the first month of service will appear on the bill after the cycle closes.

      Bill Cycle Close date

      • The close date is the last day of a customer’s bill cycle, decides the due date, and when the statement is mailed/available online.
      • Close dates are automatically assigned at activation. Preferred date cannot be manually selected.
      • After a cycle closes, billed usage is not viewable until the bill is confirmed.

      How much are overages?

      There should not be any overages as almost all parts of this plan are unlimited. When a 50 GB data limit is reached, you could see slower speeds or deprioritize until the next billing cycle.

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