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Is $25 Really $25?

  • Yes, it is! Local, State and Federal Surcharges, fees and taxes will be applied.
  • This is a limited offer negotiated with T-Mobile for you.

Bring Your Own Device

  • Love your phone? Bring it to T‑Mobile.
  • FIRST: check if your phone is compatible here:
  • Bring Your Own Unlocked Phone | IMEI Compatibility Check | T-Mobile
  • (Find the below section on the site)
  • To bring your unlocked, current compatible device to T-Mobile, select the GET PLAN tab to order your SIM with T-Mobile Service Plan.
  • *If you have an existing number, upon check out you will be prompted to input your current phone number and existing carrier details.
  • Once you receive your SIM card, please log back into the Business Flex Portal to submit your PORT IN request.
  • Business Flex Portal will be where you will check your invoice, usage and have access to self service.

Buy a New Device

  • Need a new device? Click SHOP PHONE to select from one of our many discounted device & service plan offerings! Comes with T-Mobile active SIM and service plan.

Get a New Number

  • Awesome! Getting a new line is great. Glad you want to come over to T-Mobile! Just add the plan to the cart and fill in your details.

I have a phone I want to bring over that I’m still making lease payments on. Can I switch my phone number to this T-Mobile discounted plan?

Yes you can switch! However, when you move your phone number to T-Mobile you will accelerate those charges on the closing/last invoice of your account. We recommend you call your previous service provider to confirm remainder payments or balances you have if you move your phone number to T-Mobile.

I am not a Sprint or T-Mobile user. How do I transfer my current phone number to this corporate program?

If you have a phone already, you can check to make sure its compatible to work on the T-Mobile network. Visit this site to confirm compatibility: Once you confirm compatibility, you can order a T-Mobile SIM and plan here:

If you need to buy a T-Mobile phone, choose from one of these options:

Call your previous provider to capture important information (listed below) you will need to transfer your phone number.

  1. Remaining lease payments or potential balance you may have if you move your phone number to T-Mobile
  2. Pincode:
    1. It is not the same as your account password
    2. It’s a numeric number
  3. Communicate with previous provider what to expect when porting/transferring phone number to T-Mobile
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